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Welcome to The Solano County Bar Association

(SCBA) serves the interests of the community as well as the legal professionals in Solano County. Please feel free to contact us, Julie Hilt – Executive Director, with your feedback or questions. We’re here to help.

Since 1950 the SCBA has been an association of legal practitioners in Solano County. The SCBA serves the 400 + lawyers who live or work in Solano County. Its mission is to serve the legal profession and enhance its professionalism, to serve its Solano County community, and to support and improve the justice system.

A full-service bar association, the SCBA offers its members important opportunities for professional education and development, as well as various member benefits. Membership in the SCBA demonstrates support for the core values of our legal system – equal justice for all through equal access to an independent judicial system.

The SCBA and its committees present regular, affordable, and convenient educational programs featuring distinguished speakers on issues of interest and concern to legal professionals. The SCBA activities present opportunities for members to meet and work with other lawyers and judicial officers on continuing education programs, pro bono projects, and issues of common concern.

Mission Statement

The Solano County Bar Association is established to maintain the honor and dignity of the profession of the law, to increase its usefulness in promoting the due administration of justice, to cultivate social relations among its members, to provide educational opportunities to its members, and all activities related to these purposes.


For the most part, the committees of the Association are organized along substantive law lines. They provide opportunities for professional development through continuing education programs in their respective practice areas and through the cultivation of social fellowship and professional exchange among attorneys with similar practices.

The Committees of the Association handle matters of continuing interest to all members, without regard to substantive law boundaries.