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Lawyer Referral

Are you in need of legal representation or advice. Please contact us at the number below. 


What will happen when I call the Lawyer Referral Service?

When you call the Lawyer Referral Service, you will speak with an interviewer who will assist you in determining if you require an attorney, or if non-legal assistance better serves your needs. If a lawyer’s advice is recommended, an appointment can be made for you. Our staff will consider your specific legal problem and make the most appropriate and convenient referral possible.

To enable our staff to provide the proper assistance, please be prepared to explain your legal problem. However, LRS interviewers are not attorneys and may not give legal advice.

Our legal interviewer is available between 8:00 am and 12:00 pm, Monday through Friday. All communication is held in the strictest confidence. You will be referred to an attorney who has met established standards of professional experience in the area, or areas, of law that relate to your legal problem.

Remember, you are under no obligation to retain the attorney to whom you are referred.

How much will it cost?

There is a $50.00 administrative fee for the initial appointment. This entitles you to a half-hour consultation with the attorney. If you have been injured, this fee is waived. You should discuss future fees with the attorney during the initial consultation. It is important to understand how the fees are determined and when they will need to be paid. The attorney will provide a written agreement that states what the services will cost. In situations when it is impossible to determine the exact fee, an estimate can be provided.

What will I need for the initial consultation?

In order to save time and money, you should bring all relevant documents and information to your first appointment. The names, addresses, and telephone numbers of people involved and documents such as lease agreements and contracts will help the attorney understand your particular problem. Be prepared to explain your case completely and clearly – sometimes writing down the important points in advance will help.

What if I cannot afford an attorney?

Some LRS lawyers will accept cases at a reduced fee. Each situation is evaluated individually, taking into consideration the type of case and individual financial need.

For more information on the Lawyers Refferal Service (LRS) or to apply, contact us here.